Tourist 103A1


Tom Hay's A1

The Tourist 103 A1 was the first Tourist imported into the USA.

According to an article written by John Gerber for the American Scooterist, approximately 200 A1s were imported into the USA.

Distinguishing Features

Throughout the manufacturing run of the 103 A1, the model had many refinements. However, the 103 A1 had three variations that are worth mentioning. For a lack of better terminology, I will call them early, mid and late models.

Early 103 A1s were an extension of the 103 A0. While they may appear the same as an 103 A0, there were several differences. Specifically:

Mid 103 A1s had the following differences:

Late 103 A1s had the following differences:

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The specifications are courtesy of the Heinkel Club Deutschland.

Vielen Danke Heinkel Club Deutschland!

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