You are proud of your Heinkel, but have difficulty finding Tourist merchandise?

Here you go!

All merchandise sales will help finance this site. My overhead is low, but I need to pay for domain name renewals, yadda yadda yadda.


Logo and Registry Stickers

Set of four stickers for sale!

A set of four high quality stickers.

Designs feature Winged H, 103A-0 (green), 103A-1 (red/black), and 103A-2 (blue/black) models.

Each sticker measures 3" diameter.

These will look fabulous on your scooter, windsheild, toolbox or automobile.

Bircham Bridge Stickers

Bircham Bridge Logo

A reproduction sticker of the Bircham Bridge Cycle Shop Logo. This was Walter Johnson's Heinkel dealership from Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts.

The sticker measures 1 x 3 inches (approximately).


Patch and pin for sale!

A wonderful patch and pin for your jacket, ball cap or duffle bag! The design incorporates the 103 A2 design elements - very attractive.

The patch measures 2.5" (wide) x 3" (high). The pin is 1" in diameter.

The patch and pin are sold as a pair.


Pamphlet magnets for sale!

A set of Heinkel pamphlet magnets.

Each magnet measures 3" (wide) x 2" (high).

The magnets were designed for your refrigerator, tool box, or any other metal surface.

Western Germany Badge

West Germany badge for sale!

The American import Heinkel Tourists came with a "Made in Western Germany" badge mounted at the bottom right hand side of the front fender.

This beautiful reproduction of the A2 badge will look great on your restored A2 or A1. It will also look stunning with your European badge collections!

The picture shows the original badge on top, and the reproduction below. Nice isn't it?

I purposefully left the drilling for you because each badge I had as an example, had different hole measurements.

HeinkelFest 2013


HeinkelFest 2013 patch and sticker for sale!

The official HeinkelFest 2013 patch and sticker. A handful remain.

The patch measures 2.5" (wide) x 3" (high).

The patches are woven and are five colors: black, blue, red, peach and gray.


HeinkelFest 2013 magnet for sale!

The official HeinkelFest 2013 magnet. A handful remain.

The magnet measures 2" (wide) x 3" (high).

The magnet was designed for your refrigerator, tool box, or any other metal surface. I wouldn't mount it to your scooter because of the scratch factor. Plus, if it falls off, you will be sad.


HeinkelFest 2013 Drawstring bag for sale!

HeinkelFest 2013 attendees received their rally packs within this drawstring bag. Cool, eh?

The black bag features reinforced corners and measures 14.5" x 17.5". The zippered pocket is 14.5" x 10" and displays the four-color 2013 rally artwork.

A great addition to your back or rear rack.

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