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Readers, as you might imagine, I enjoy riding and restoring Heinkel Tourists. If you are reading my site I would guess you are like me or might be considering a Heinkel purchase. Either way, this site is for you.

I plan on keeping advertising off this site. Advertising on an enthusiast's web page is annoying. Don't you agree? The overhead on this site is low, but it is there. I pay for web address and I do spend many hours each month writing and updating pages.

Would you like to support this site? If the answer is yes, here are a few suggestions:

Write Content

Writing content requires most of my time. My technical pages need to be expanded. I write these pages during rebuilds so that the content is as accurate as possible.

If you find yourself rebuilding your Tourist, take notes and pictures. Then send them to me! I will post your content. You will get the satisfaction of seeing your name attached to the article on my site. You will be famous in our little world. I promise.

If you have content to contribute, please use my contact page to get it to me.

Send Pictures

You want to make my day? Send me pictures of your Tourist. If you are not on my owner's list, I will be ecstatic.

Approximately 300 Heinkel Tourists were imported into the USA. I know of approximately 100 that still exist in the USA. My immediate goal is to receive one new Heinkel picture each month. My long term goal is to have pictures of all known Tourists in my Owner's pages.

I accept all picture formats (JPG, TIF, BMP, etc.) and sizes. If you have pictures to contribute, please use my contact page to get them to me.

Be an Informant

Being a spy is so "in" these days.

If you know a Heinkel owner, but don't see their name on my site, please tell me. I am honest. I generally call or email everyone I hear about to talk about their Heinkel. Most are eager to talk.

Buy Merchandise

I create small batches of neat merchandise. Most are available on my Store page. Creating small batches enables me to offer new items more frequently. The sooner I sell out of these items, the sooner I can create other neat stuff.

Donate Money

Okay, okay. If you don't want to send pictures, write stories, spy on your friends, or buy my merchandise, you can always donate money.

Donations help me pay for the web address, enable me to create merchandise (shirts, pennants, keychains, etc.) and help me to improve the quality of this site. No donation is too small.

Heinkel Owners

Meet a few of North America's Heinkel owners:

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