EuGene Smith's 103 A2 Restoration

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by Michael McWilliams

November 24, 2010

EuGene Smith's gray powder pieces EuGene Smith's gray powder pieces EuGene Smith's black powder pieces EuGene Smith's silver powder pieces

Freshly powdered metal is a wonderful thing.

EuGene's parts have returned and look marvelous! I think I've found my new favorite frame color. I didn't use the frame color that I have listed on the web site. Pebble Gray - RAL 7032, was not very accurate.

Instead, I used Agate Gray - RAL 7038. Agate Gray was the best choice when I compared the sample to Mark Foster's A2. Mark has an original Glacier Blue A2 that will be used as a comparison for frame and body colors.

EuGene's A2 was originally Glacier Blue as well. In the end, the scooter will be a single color for all body elements.

The seat, nose and head lamp piping will be a cherry red like it was when it left the factory. Over the years, the cherry red color fades to a Heinz 57 brown.

When I owned Mark's A2, I restored the upholstery. I found an original piece of vinyl that had been protected from the sun's damage. I was surprised to find the color so vibrant.

When this project is complete, I plan to take side by side photos of EuGene's new A2 with Mark's original scooter to get the full effect.

The next few weeks will be busy holidays and all. I do hope to get the forks, kickstand and engine installed.

Which reminds me, I need to get started on the engine.

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