EuGene Smith's 103 A2 Restoration

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by Michael McWilliams

September 26, 2010

EuGene Smith's gray powder pieces EuGene Smith's gray powder pieces EuGene Smith's black powder pieces EuGene Smith's silver powder pieces

I wonder how it would be to restore scooters on a full time basis? I am sure it would create as many problems as it would solve.

My current problem is that I feel bad for not making substantial progress in the past few weeks. I have trouble securing a few hours per week on scooter stuff.

I have fully disassembled EuGene's frame and all other parts that will be powder coated.

The first two pictures show the pieces that will be powder coated Pebble Gray - RAL 7032.

In these pictures are the frame, forks, engine shrouds, front engine bracket, kickstand bracket, seat frame and seat frame bracket. I've just realized the battery tray is missing from this picture! So much for completeness.

The third picture shows the pieces that will be black. In this picture are the muffler bracket, muffler manifold, fork nut, fork collar, and two rear engine mounts.

The last picture shows the pieces that will be silver. In this picture are the rims, fenders, rear brake pedal, oil dip stick and kickstand.

I hope to drop off the gas tank at the radiator shop this week. The inside looks pretty good, but I want to make sure it is totally clean before taking it to the stripper.

The front fender needs two holes welded up and the bottom edge needs a little filling.

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