EuGene Smith's 103 A2 Restoration

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by Michael McWilliams

October 15, 2011

EuGene at HeinkelFest Breakfast at Smileys EuGene near Cheyenne Mountain EuGene near Cheyenne Mountain The boys help EuGene load the A2

EuGene traveled to Colorado Springs in late September to attend HeinkelFest 2011 and to retrieve his "new" scooter. EuGene was absolutely thrilled to get his new toy! Sort of like Christmas in September.

I have mixed emotions.

I am happy he took possession of the scooter. But I am sad to see it go. It lived in my garage for the better part of a year ... I became attached to it.

Similar emotions to a child moving out of the house I would guess. I doubt I will see the scooter for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I hope to see it again at a future scooter rally.

I will say that it is good to have such a beautiful scooter out of my possession.

I was very worried about damaging the scooter. Our garage can be clean, or quite cluttered. After it was painted, I kept it covered with a blanket to lessen the chances of damage.

New paint is a beautiful thing, but damage (chips, scratches, etc.) are inevitable. Thankfully, none of the above happened in my garage!

Enjoy your new scooter EuGene, we will ride together again!

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