EuGene Smith's 103 A2 Restoration

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by Michael McWilliams

July 3, 2011

LHS. LHS. LHS Nose. RHS. RHS. RHS. RHS Nose. Front. LHS Exposed. RHS Exposed. RHS Engine. LHS Engine.

Nearly complete.

I rode this scooter for the first time this weekend. It purrs like a happy kitty.

I am still waiting for the restored speedometer. I don't want to add too many miles until that arrives. EuGene has requested that I break it in to make sure it is ready for HeinkelFest.

You might remember that I replaced two gears, well shifting is amazingly smooth. So much so, that I might crack my A1 open this winter for the same job!

I say this during every restoration, but assembly goes slowly. Screw drivers have one edge, but they have a split personality. They are your friend when securing screws, but a dangerous enemy of paint. So far, the paint is unharmed.

The pictures show a beautiful scooter, but only the last few (with the tail removed) show an accurate version of the color. It is greener than the first pictures indicate.

My to do list is very short now, maybe a dozen entries? Included are:

I hope you all can attend HeinkelFest, this Tourist will be on display!

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