EuGene Smith's 103 A2 Restoration

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by Michael McWilliams

August 31, 2010

EuGene Smith's 103 A2 EuGene Smith's 103 A2

Early in 2010, EuGene Smith asked me to restore his 103 A2. EuGene owned a white A2 many years ago in Wheaton, Maryland. EuGene traded that old Heinkel to Charley Pusey in Washington, DC.

EuGene decided he wanted another Heinkel. EuGene found this scooter in Dallas, Texas. Clearly it had seen better days.

EuGene's brother delivered the scooter to me in early March. It had been fully disassembled and arrived in 8+ boxes.

The first task was to inspect all parts to see what was present and what was missing.

Next, I had to determine what was worn and had to be replaced.

The initial parts order was sent to Germany once the crankshaft was located. The crankshaft needed to be rebuilt. Luckily, the club offers this service (in addition to everything else!).

I intend on completing this scooter by the Spring of 2011. It is your job to keep me honest. If you don't see updates to this page, please send me an e-mail and ask me about my progress.

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