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Michael McWilliams' A1 Facelift

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by Michael McWilliams

May 26, 2007

Evan, the painter.

The past two weeks were a mad rush. I had to assemble my A1 before Movin' On Up 8.

MOU is Peak Scooter Club's yearly rally.

Assembling body work with new paint is time consuming. You've got to be extra careful with that fresh paint! It is a silly thing, the idea of painting anything, because there is only one way to go - damage.

During assembly, I created two obvious chips, and two that will never be seen.

The chips in the red paint are fairly visible. They will be fixed with a small brush and steady hand. The black damage was easily fixed with Testor's model paint.

Once assembled, I rode the scooter to the painter's shop. I had to take the obligatory photo. Evan was pleased.

The scooter is mostly complete. I will redo the seat once the weather turns bad. Until then, I have many miles to cover...

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