Michael McWilliams' A1 Facelift

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by Michael McWilliams

January 15, 2007

Yucky red and black.

I bought my A1 in 1995. I have been very happy with the scooter, with the exception of one thing - the paint. The paint is original.

Normally original paint is a huge plus for me. However, the nose on my A1 was damaged many years ago. Probably by a car door in the owner's garage. It was repaired, but looks pretty bad. My other issue - I really dislike red.

Choosing a replacement color scheme is difficult for me. Once I am convinced that I've found a new color, something else comes up that threatens my choice. I am a big fan of solid colors. Candies and pearls do nothing for me.

Atlantis Blue and Alabaster Gray.

I've long thought the Atlantis Blue/Alabaster Gray was the way to go. Besides being very attractive, it reminds me of many classic Volkswagen colors. Particularly, Sea Blue. I wonder if they are the same color code? Is there a VW gray similar to Alabaster Gray?

I also like Dove Blue, but I'd prefer to stay with one of the original Heinkel color combinations.

Solid Black.

The Heinkel Club Deutschland. web site has a photo section for its readers. Quite a few have black scooters. The solid black with deep red highlights combination started to grow on me. Red seat, red piping between the legshield and nose. Very classic indeed. I had just completed my new red seat on my A2, so I already had the fabric. Is that a good enough reason to choose black?

Rui Travares' 103 A1

Rui Tavares sent pictures of his Sahara Yellow and Black A1. I saw original pictures of his scooter on the Portuguese Heinkel club site. It was pretty tired looking. Not now! That thing looks real fine. I like yellow. But wait, Andy Gammuto has a Sahara Yellow and Black A1. I might attend Amerivespa 2007 and be seen with another Sahara Yellow Tourist. Can I handle that?

Ted Atkins' 103 A1

Ted Atkins sent me a picture of his red and black A1. His scooter looked great too. Do I really dislike red? Or is it just my faded paint that I dislike. I wonder if I could become a fan of red? I grew up in Nebraska, all Nebraskans like red. Maybe I should go with the original Pelican Red and make it a "true" restoration?

Clearly this is a difficult decision for me. There are too many nice color schemes. I guess I need more Heinkels.

Atlantis Blue and Alabaster Gray.

Eventually black dropped off my radar again. I didn't want Sarah Yellow. I still don't like red. I am back to blue. Blue appeals to me for many reasons - the primary reason may be that I do not own a blue scooter.

My A1 will be blue and gray.

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