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Tegan Mackay's A1 Functional Rebuild

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by Michael McWilliams

August 5, 2007

Clean and operational wiring. Replaced fork bottom. Cleaner LH side. Cleaner RH side. Left hand side. Right hand side.

I swear, yesterday was April.

I made plenty of progress on this scooter during the past few months. In fact, I could have had it completed by Amerivespa. However, Tegan was unable to attend the RollerTour due to work obligations.

Armed with that information, I put the scooter on hold until completing the Amerivespa trip.

Today I installed replacement fork bottoms and front fender. The job is easy, but removing the pieces from the donor scooter required the most amount of time.

The scooter is functionally complete, but I need to install the crash bars.

I will begin riding this scooter to work for the next week or so. I want to make sure it is broken in before sending it back to Vancouver. I've ridden the scooter around the block several times without any issues. But 5 minute trips don't compare to 30 minute trips.

If I get real adventurous, maybe I will ride it to the Black Forest and back...

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