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Tegan Mackay's A1 Functional Rebuild

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by Michael McWilliams

April 15, 2007

Tegan and Mike's A1s, front view. Tegan and Mike's A1s, LH view. Tegan and Mike's A1s, RH view. Tegan and Mike's A1s, rear view.

Much has happened since the initial journal entry.

I rebuilt the motor, front hub and front forks. The only delay was the repair made to the kickstand. The kickstand stop pieces were worn down and my friends at Sportique Scooters completely rebuilt them. Now the scooter will stand without rocking. Woo hoo! Just like it is supposed to be.

We discovered that the cylinder had considerable wearing and would require an over sized piston and a rebore. The pictures below were taken during the wait for the new piston. If you look close enough, you will see packing tape covering the hole into the cases.

I am working on Tegan's A1 at the same time as working on my A1. You can see both scooters side-by-side. Both Tourists are A1 models.

Now that Tegan's scooter is standing on its own, I will start connecting the cables and electrical trunks. I ought to have both installed within two weeks.

I am on the look out for a replacement RH side fork tube bottom. If you look at the picture of the RH side, you can see that Tegan's fork tube bottom is damaged. It looks like it is severly oxidized. I worry that it might break during use and cause her to wreck. These pieces are available from the Heinkel Club Deutschland, but I am trying to find one locally first.

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