Loreley HCD Rally Review

by Andreas Nielen-Haberl

Andreas with his 103 A0

Don´t miss the Loreley meeting.

Due to business issues, I spend most of my time in Rochester, NY, while my Heinkel scooters (the 150 2 stroke, the 103 A0 and the 103 A2) have to rest in my garage in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Rhein at 5am.

I wish to have one of my scooters here in Rochester to enjoy the nice region around the Finger Lakes in upper state New York, but up to now I have been too busy (or lazy) to make it happen. That’s why I HAVE to organize my business schedule around the key German Heinkel events.

Andreas relaxing.

In springtime, the Heinkel scooter community meets for the “international Heinkel Meeting” which is organized by one of the several “Heinkel-Club regional clubs”. Last year it was near Hamburg while this year we met in Reutlingen, a small village next to Stuttgart, the hometown of our Heinkel scooter. These meetings are usually well-organized events with a full agenda and a lot of planned activities.

Herr Sproesser and his A0.

The meeting in the fall is totally different. First of all, it takes place in St. Goar near the lovely Rhine River.

Kicki from Switzerland.

Every year at the same time at the same place. It’s like your own living room.

Fireworks over the Rhine.

You know the campground and the village. You know which gear you have to use to climb the Loreley rock most efficiently.

You fear that Lutz, the (former) VP of the Heinkel Club Deutschland (and the guy with Heinkel tattoos on both arms) will play his harmonica and sing songs in the worst accent to can imagine.

A 103 A2 with a Steib LS200 Sidecar

You hate that the nights are cold with a great chance to have rain and the tent and the rest of your stuff will be wet.

You enjoy the great fireworks on Saturday night (this year an impressive 45 minutes long).

Frau Daiß.

Nothing is organized, no committee plans an agenda, but everything works great.

You plan to discover the region? You will find always a couple of guys with the same idea.

A 103 A1 with an interesting trailer.

Do you need spare parts? No problem. Herta and her mobile spare part warehouse are around.

Check out the decorations!

You need an advice how to fix a problem? At least 10 “experts” with 20 different solutions will “help” you.

On the road back home.

It’s a great event to feel the true spirit of the Heinkel community. People are sitting around the fire until late in the night and talk. Wine, beer, bread and steaks - everything will be shared.

That makes the Loreley meeting so unique. I love it and that´s why I fly “home” every year.

So, if YOU plan a trip to “Old” Europe, don´t miss the “Loreley” – you will enjoy it.

For several years, I have skimmed the Heinkel-Info newsletters trying to understand what German Heinkel rallies were like. I think Andreas has answered many of my questions.

Thank you for the review Andreas!


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