News from Irish Heinkel Corner

by Gerry Feeney

Ready to go.

A bit of a fling through the Highlands. Yes folks. It was that time of year again when some of us Heinkel people headed off on our” ambassadors” trip away from these fair shores. This year we departed on April 16th and returned on the 23rd. Our team consisted of Garret Fitzgerald (A1) Jim Moran (A2) Brendan Gallagher (A2) Charlie Nolan (A2) Gerry Feeney ( A2) Morgan Nolan (Royal Yamfield----The Honorary Heinkel ) and Tom Ridgeway on a Honda FC6.

Scotland was our destination with particular emphasis on the Upper and Lower Highlands. Plan B was available should we encounter traditional Scottish weather but for Gods sake people it was after all a HEINKEL event.(Plan B was destined for the trash bin once the good lord saw it was the Heinkel Boys that were travelling).

We had a very windy drive with threats of rain to Larne Ferry port on the 16th but lo and behold the rain held off. We arrived in Troon to grey skies but no rain and the locals assured us that we had picked the best possible time as the rain was gone for at least a week. The 17th took us to Fort Augustus where we based ourselves for a three day stopover and the drive up was magnificent in what was to become a week of glorious sunshine.

The 18th took us scouting around the Fort William countryside with a cable car trip up Ben Nevis. We were told by staff manning the coffee shop on the top that it was the clearest day for 15 years. The views confirmed this.

The 19th took us away up Glen Shiel and across the Northern tip of Scotland and back via Inverness. It was so hot up there that we had to disrobe our bike gear and resort to ordinary jackets. Our heads were literally boiling in the helmets.

We departed Fort Augustus on the 20th and headed down the Prince of Wales biker route on the Eastern side as far as Blairgowerie. The scenery was to die for and we called into Balmoral Castle to have tea with the lady herself but alas she was away. Her loss.

The 21st took us down to Edinburgh along the eastern side again, through countryside we had not traversed before. Nice enough but not a patch on the Highlands. Edinburgh was in the midst of turmoil with trams lines being laid in the centre, especially along Princess Street. This didn’t bother us being on two wheels and we got our usual place to stay off Princess Street beneath the Castle walls.

The 22nd brought back to Troon via Glasgow and we departed for Larne on the 10.05am sailing on the 23rd. The first rain we met was when we stopped to pay our toll on the M1 outside Drogheda. And in fact we would have avoided this had we not stopped in Newry for an hour or so.

A lovely glorious week of roughly a thousand miles or so (972 from Troon to Troon to be exact) totally rain free and driving in Gods own country along hundreds of miles of Killarney and Glenmalure countryside put together. And of course driving a Heinkel. What more could a body ask for.

No breakdowns to report, trouble free driving and we found a cure for the midges in Scotland. We won’t tell you what it is but we will sell it to you at the 2009 Treffen...

Thank you for the review Gerry!


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