Irish Heinkel Treffen 2007 Review

by Michael Cowley

Pitching the tent. Making adjustments. Ireland Rally Photo. Ireland Rally Photo. Ireland Rally Photo. Ireland Rally Photo. Ireland Rally Photo. Ireland Rally Photo.

Our Irish Heinkel Treffen 2007 took place in Donard, county Wicklow. This is a beautiful spot called the garden of Ireland.

Friday started with lovely sunshine but soon turned to very very heavy rain and it did not stop all weekend . However we did not let a bit of rain spoil our treffen. We were joined later by three weary travellers from Germany who traveled a long way to be with us.

Of course we gave them a proper Irish welcome and later we all partook of a few, well maybe more than a few pints of Guinness in the local water hole.

Our German friends wanted to see some of our scenery so we all went on a nice round trip taking in about eighty miles and on Sunday we all went on a staggered treasure hunt. We had prizes for the most original Heinkel, also the oldest one and for the winner of the treasure hunt.

The pictures show some of the presentations.

There were 35 machines at the treffen, 18 of these were Heinkels, and the rest from the Vintage Club of Ireland.

Hope this gives you an idea of what our Rally was about. Not so much a competition but a gathering of friends and fellow Heinkelers to enjoy our Heinkels and each others company.

All our best wishes go to you all there and a big Slan Leat, this is goodbye in Irish. Cheers for now from all in Dublin, Ireland. Michael on behalf of the Heinkel Club of Ireland.

Thank you for the review Michael!


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