Known Heinkel Owners

Our first days ride.

The North American Heinkel Registry contains a list of Heinkel Tourists and other Heinkel machines owned by people that I have met, or that I have heard about.

You will notice that my gallery is filled with pictures which represent a variety of Heinkels in a variety of conditions. Some scooters are Concours quality, others are waiting their day for restoration. Still others are daily riders and the owners see no need for restoration.


As of today, the registry consists of:

Also, the orphans page displays an additional:

The registry contains a total of 209 known Heinkel machines (assuming the orphans haven't been crushed) in North America! Click on the links above to see the machines.

If I have over looked you and your Heinkel, please let me know. I am actively searching for additional owners and would like to display your machine!

Please tell me the City and State that you live in. If you have an interesting story about your scooter that you would like to share, please send that as well.

Believe me, you will make my day if you e-mail me a picture of your Heinkel.

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