Bring your Heinkel to HeinkelFest 2013

I host HeinkelFest, a periodic Heinkel rally, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The event generally occurs in September of each "odd" year.

HeinkelFest is open to all Heinkel, OddScoot and Vintage scooter owners.

HeinkelFest attendees have visited from Germany, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Virginia and of course Colorado.

In 2015, I had three attendees from Germany.

Who can I get to attend HeinkelFest 2023? Yes, I plan to host!

Typical Agenda:

HeinkelFest is an education based scooter rally.

My goal is to train owners how to care for their scooter and make it fun along the way. The agenda varies from year to year, but generally it includes:

Pikes Peak Challenge

Bring your Heinkel to HeinkelFest 2013

I have lead 14 different Tourists to the top of Pikes Peak. Is your scooter up to the challenge?

I have 15 spare high altitude jets for Bing carburetors. All Heinkel attendees will receive a loaner high altitude jet while you attend. Think of this as a mini-tech session!

There is only one way up, and one way back. Check out the map.

Mind Games

Get ready for nerdy, Heinkel-based fun.

I create interesting games that are intended to broaden your Heinkel expertise. You can expect eye tests, true/false, and "name that part" events. Winners walk away with prizes!

Tech Sessions

You will learn a thing or two.

In year's past, attendees have helped rebuild motors, changed cables, fixed carburetors and made countless adjustments. Special requests? I am open to ideas!

Tourist Representation

Bring your Heinkel to HeinkelFest 2013

HeinkelFest 2015 brought in a total of 17 Tourists. Every Tourist model was present ... from a 1954 101A-0 through a 1964 103A-2 swinger.

During the past four HeinkelFests, I've had 24 different Tourists present:

Nowhere else in the USA can you see this variety of Tourists. This is a fantastic opportunity to compare your scooter with others.

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