Gerry Goldberg's Second A2 Repair Journal

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by Michael McWilliams

August 8, 2005

After completing the mechanical restoration on his first A2, Gerry asked me to begin work on the second A2. This project, however, will be a full blown restoration - paint and all. This scooter is in much better shape than the other. It will be an award winner when complete.

Gerry's second A2.

We plan to use powder coating for the interior metal. Silver will be used for rims, fenders and forks. The light "army green" will be used for the frame and engine shrouds.

Gerry has not yet picked the exterior colors.

This journal will be kept much like the first. I doubt I will write as much, but I will include as many photos. One thing I noticed from the other journal, my garage is a mess! I will try to keep a tidy garage this time.

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