Additional documentation is a must for your workshop and the reliability of your Tourist. You will not be able to fully understand your scooter without it.

Listed in the right hand column of this page, you will find a vast selection of topics that you may or many need (at the moment).

Note: Many of the documents are courtesy of the Heinkel Club Deutschland. Vielen Danke Heinkel Club Deutschland!

I have made every effort to provide content that I think you might need to keep your Tourist alive and on the road. If you come across a topic I don't have posted, please let me know. Chances are very good that others have the same questions.

When pursuing any work on your Tourist, keep in mind you are responsible for anything and everything that occurs. Be very careful when making any repairs. These machines are 50+ years old, and parts can be extremely expensive. If you break a bolt because you didn't read the torque chart carefully, you will be out several weeks waiting for a machinist to fix your mistake.

You must be even more cautious with electrical repairs. Disconnect the batteries prior to any repair. It is very easy to blow a fuse. I keep fuses on hand, no big deal. It is equally easy to fry a dynastart coil. Good luck getting that repaired in the next few months!




Specific Repairs

Repair Journals