Production Date

VIN Plate.

One of the most common emails I receive is: "What year is my Heinkel?".

If your VIN tag is in place AND it has the model year stamped, the answer is easy. Otherwise, the answer is less clear.

My Spotter's Guides list the production dates for each Tourist model.

However, USA dealerships often assigned the year based upon the year the Heinkels were sold. I've heard of many 103A1s whose owners claim they are 1962. (Even though the factory stopped production in 1960.)

If you have a burning desire to fine tune the production date of your Tourist, I can give you a few places to look to help solve the mystery.

Date stamps can be found on several Tourist parts. Specifically:

103 A0 Speedometer. 103 A1 Speedometer. Speedometer Gear. Crankshaft. Wheel Rim.

Of course these clues only provide the production dates for the various components used to build your Heinkel.

If I assume that the speedometer and drive from the A0 are original, then the A0 has a production date of May 1956 or afterwards.

I hope this information is useful!