A Real Heinkel Rider

by Ole Mikkelsen

Ole and Erik

The President of the Danish Heinkel club, Erik Findstrřm, is my oldest and best friend. He owns all the of the Heinkel models (both scooters and Kabine).

I tried many times to buy a scooter from him without any luck - until the Spring of 2000.

Where is Gross Glockner?

He had one condition however! He claimed that "you are not a real Heinkel rider until you have ridden GROSS GLOCKNER in Austria!!!"

Gross Glockner

Well, Gross Glockner is a glacier way up in the Alps, some 2000 meters ( 9000 feet ). I said, "Ok, let's go."

Since Erik only had one-week vacation, and there are some 1,200 km to drive, we placed our scooters in his van, and left for Austria.

Inside the HCD Shop

On the way, we visited the German Heinkel Club Deutschland Shop to buy spare parts. It was like heaven, they just had everything.

One had to be careful not to spend all the money on the first day of the vacation.

Camping in Zell am See.

We then went to Austria; found a wonderful place to camp in a town named Zell am See.

Parked in the snow.

We spent the week driving in the mountains, we just love that, since Denmark is very flat - the highest point is around 330 feet (yes it's true).

Parked in the snow.

After a perfect week (two old friends, the best scooters to drive, and no wives) we went back to Copenhagen after yet one more visit to the Heinkel Club Deutschland Shop to spend our remaining money.

Time for a break. A nice beverage. After the snow...

The trip took place in July 2000. It was fun to drive in snow on your summer holiday.

Note: I originally found these pictures on the Heinkel Trojan Club Denmark web site.

Shortly after I first viewed the pictures, Mr. Mikkelsen - the author, emailed me about this site. He sent a picture of his A2 and himself. I recognized him from his club site.

An interesting coincidence! I asked Mr. Mikkelsen to share a few pictures and a story about his trip.

Thank you Mr. Mikkelsen!


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