Heinkel Tourist 103 A2s Project

Teardown in the 1970s. Heading to Colorado. Before Teardown. Before Teardown. Before Teardown. After Teardown. Trouble. After Teardown. After Teardown. After Teardown. After Teardown.

Pictured is an incredible A2 swinger project.

The body in fantastic condition with a lovely patina. Anyone wanting to paint this scooter should not ask to buy this from me.

I won't add much text to this page, only pictures. Sit back and watch the show as it progresses.

March 2015

I dove into this project last week. I was waiting on powder and paint on another project, and I figured I was losing time.

Essentially, I removed all bodywork, control cables and gave the greasy structure a good power wash. Once it was clean, the fork bearings were cleaned and repacked. New control cables have been run. Gear and throttle handlebar assemblies have been cleaned and greased.

Wheel rims were cleaned. New tires and tubes have been installed.

I used a wire wheel on the insides of the rims and painted them to prevent future rust. The exterior parts of the rims have been left as is. They are in fairly great shape. My philosophy is that if I powdered the rims, then other pieces/parts would look worse. It is best to leave this as original as possible.

It is time to reinstall the front end bodywork.

August 2015

Time was running out if I wanted to get this ready for HeinkelFest 2015.

I discovered the real reason for the scooter being disassembled so many years ago - a valve was wedged in the piston crown.

So besides the usual bearings, gaskets, seals and chain replacement, I needed to buy a new piston. I settled on a 3rd oversize based upon the cylinder I had lying around. I was missing the original head, so I found another donor. The valves looked real bad, so I used a used pair that were removed from my 103A-1 ten plus years ago.

September 2015

I finished the scooter right around September 1st. Very little time was available to break in the new motor.

I managed to cover approximately 300Km before HeinkelFest 2015 began. The first big test was Pikes Peak which the scooter completed without trouble. On the following day, my friend Frank Woite (attendee from Germany) rode the scooter to the Royal Gorge. Again, no trouble.

I three jobs remaining on this scooter. The front dampeners must be replaced. They knock when you hit bumps, and dive terribly when the brakes are applied. The motor mounts need to be renewed. And I need a new LH mirror. The one that came with the scooter is awful.

This is my first swinger Heinkel. I must say, it rides very smoothly. The shifting is incredible as well. On later model A2s (like this one), they modified the gear box and the ease of shifting is noticeable.

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