Heinkel Tourist 103A-2 Project

Before Teardown. Before Teardown. Before Teardown. Before Teardown. Before Teardown.

July 17, 2022

Pictured is another A2 project.

This A2 came to me in late 2019. I received it in early 2020 and immediately started disassembly and then lost steam.

It is now mid-2022 and I have found the time and interest to get this functional once again.

There are 72K kilos on the clock! The scooter has an interesting story.

The previous owner bought it in Germany and rode it to India. Then he flew it to Australia, drove across the continent. Flew it to South America and then drove to Michigan. Then he parked it for 50 years.

Crazy, eh?

My immediate goal is to make it a runner again.

I'm installing all wear items now: rubber (tires, fork bellows, ignition cover, more), cables, new wiring harness, engine buffers, and probably a ton more.

Once running, I plan to sell it as is.

It will be an ideal restoration project for someone looking for a runner that can be restored as they see fit. I could restore it myself, but I have far too many projects queued up as it is.

Given that zero cosmetic work will be completed, I suspect the scooter will be very affordable.

I plan to have it for sale later in 2022 ... maybe October?

July 24, 2022

It runs! I spent most of the weekend installing the new wiring harness, cleaning the gas tank and installing the petcock. The rewards were plenty, I rode the scooter.

Next up, rebuild front suspension and forks. Then re-install all body work.

August 7, 2022

Front forks rebuilt! Also, I'm trying my hands at rudimentary body work. Pictures will be posted when available...

If you are interested, please e-mail me.

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