My Tourist 101 A0

September 2015

Right hand side. Left hand side. Nose. Rear rack. Werner.

In the past 10+ years, if you would have ever asked me, "do you think a kickstart Heinkel exists in the USA?" I would have said "no way."

If you know me you can imagine my excitement when I received a lead on one in 2014. Fortunately I was able to purchase it.

This "Kicki" made its debut at HeinkelFest2015. The scooter provided inspiration for the 2015 the rally shirts.

I've seen pictures of these before, and yet I've known very little about them. All I can say is it is so different from all others. Even the 102A-1 which came out a year later.

You must see it to appreciate it.

The first two pictures show the scooter upon arrival. At that point it had little more than a bath. The next set of three were taken during HeinkelFest 2015.

I bought a set of tires and a used, albeit very original rear rack. The carburetor and gas tank were thoroughly cleaned. Little else beyond critter nest removal occured next.

I need to fully disassemble and clean the frame and underside. Once complete with that task, I will rebuild the forks and install control cables. I doubt much else will occur.

This machine should not be restored. It is one of approximately 100 that exist in the world. The Heinkel Club Deutschland believe this is possibly the only wine red 101A-0 known to exist.

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